Who we are

Creative ndividuals who seek solemn chances of changing the world into numbers and digits, meaning digital world.
We believe in managing the world constituted with variety of departmnents in need of our grand sklills of digitalizing every component associated wuith business. For a creative business we supply the best ict assistance with so much creativeness offering grand spur growth in the economic crisis. We believe we are the game changers in digitalizing every component in the environment for any emerging economy to sustain its future growth.

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What We Do

SwipeWire Consulting Ltd is an innovative IT company into products and services established by well experienced and passionate individuals in IT domain in Tanzania.
We believe in enabling the African region with state of the art technology and innovative solutions in order to simplify business operations and allow easily information accessibility in our region.


UI effects, animations and intuitive, dynamic user experiences for mobile app, websystems and desktop apps.


Agile method , incremental and iterative approach to software design for our clients within short time.


Helping out our customer to takeover market, insuring quality and consistance.

Our Archivements

We strive to better ourselves constantly. We therefore find it important to share with our customers our various archivements and certifications.




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Recent Work

Take a look our recent, longterm projects and brands we are working with.

Meet Our Expert

Aliyn Mzuri
Managing Director

Gerald Mark
Creative Director

Mlekwa Kibassa
Senior Administrator

Shariff Majid
Content Designer

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